Top five things that are forgotten when moving home

rememberTop five things that are forgotten when moving home

  1. Tell people you’re moving and on what day – Some movers neglect to notify utilities providers, neighbors  and even family members that they are moving.
  2. Dismantle furniture – Wardrobes and beds that were purchased flat-packed and assembled inside may not move in one piece.
  3. Make sure white goods are disconnected – Remember to turn the services off at the mains and get a professional to prepare them for moving.
  4. Packing – We often find the packing is incorrect. Don’t forget to empty and pack the contents of the loft, shed or basement in advance of the day.
  5. Tea and coffee – Mark up a box of essentials and reserve for the kettle, tea and coffee, milk, disposable cups and biscuits. Tools may also come in handy!