Tips for Packing and Moving House

movingWhether you are relocating across the road, a different town or city, moving house can be one of the most stressful times of your life. Packing is an essential part of moving and very often it becomes the main source of frustration. But do not despair! By following the below top 5 tips, you can reduce stress caused by the painful process of packing and ensure that all of your personal belongings get to their required destination safely and securely.


1.) Leave enough time

Make sure that you leave yourself enough time before you start packing. You normally find that it takes a lot longer than you anticipate to pack everything away safely. By giving yourself plenty of time to pack, you can identify the need for additional containers or the need for assistance from family or friends without the pressure of feeling rushed.

2.) Add labels to your boxes

You would be surprised with how often this is forgotten. Remembering to label your boxes will make things so much easier when it comes to unpacking. You can literally spend hours digging through box after box trying to find your possessions. But this can be avoided altogether if you simply put a sticky note on each box, categorising each box of belongings.

3.) Logical packing

You will most likely require access to particular items before all of your belongings are unpacked in your new home. It is a good idea to pack items in a logical manner so that you can access certain items more easily as soon as you arrive. Whether it’s documents or clothing, it is important that you keep these possessions organised together for ease of access.

4.) Protect items

Use all available space when packing. If you use all available space in containers, you will find that items are not only more secure, but you will also save a lot of space as you will need less containers. If you struggle to fill up certain containers, you can use old newspapers, magazines and even clothing as padding. As for more fragile items such as furniture, make sure that these are disassembled where possible and wrapped in protective materials; bubble wrap etc.

5.) Clear out

It is always a great idea to have a clear out when packing. You will most likely find things that haven’t been used for a while that are taking up space and may not be needed again. But rather than simply disposing of these items, why not sell them online, donate them or sell them at a boot sale. By clearing things out, not only does it mean that there are less items to pack, but it also means that you can start afresh with an uncluttered house, leaving plenty of space for items you may wish to add to your new home.