Moving With Pets

moving-cat-dogHelping your furry friends with the house move
Moving house with pets can be extremely stressful – for both you and them. In particular, cats and dogs become very attached to their own territory and will need care and attention when you move home. There are a number of simple things you can do to help your pets feel at home in your new house as quickly as you do.

Before the move
Have an identity collar tag made with your name and contact number engraved on it so it’s ready to be worn by your pet on move day. This will increase the chance of your pet being returned to you should they escape or get lost during or after the house move.
Just like humans, cats and dogs can suffer from travel sickness. If you’re moving some distance away, ask your vet about medication to make the journey easier for them.
Animals can become disturbed by strange people coming in and out of the house to carry out the removals. Therefore make arrangements in advance for your pet to stay with a familiar friend, neighbor or relative, or even in kennels/a cattery on move day – and maybe even a few days afterwards. This means you can focus on moving without worrying about potential escapees!
Remember to update their microchips, register them with a new veterinary practice and update your pet insurance policy before you move.

On the day of the move
Move day can be distressing for your furry pals; their usual routine is disturbed and they’re surrounded by commotion. If your pet has to stay with you on the day you move house, there are a few things you can do to make the day less stressful – for you and your pet.
Make sure cats are inside your house before the Town and Country Removals team arrives. If they’re outside, you may not be able to get them in by the time you have to leave your old home.
Leave small pets in a quiet place while the Town and Country Removals team are in full swing!

After the move
Pets need time to adjust to their new home once you’ve moved in. There are some things you can do to help them get used to strange surroundings.
Show them their new bed and which rooms they’re allowed in.
Keep cats inside the new house for 24 hours and feed them before you let them out for the first time.
Make sure the garden is secure – check fences carefully for any gaps.
Get back into your old routine straight away.