Moving a piano

Moving a piano


If you own a piano, you will most likely be aware that they are very heavy but they are much heavier than you would expect when moving a piano.  Based on the size and type of your piano it could weigh up to half a ton. Pianos are large, heavy and expensive musical instruments, making them incredibly difficult to move.  They also have uneven weight distribution, tough angles and an overall odd shape.

Should I be moving a piano?

If you are thinking about saving money and moving your piano yourself you may want to reconsider and we strongly suggest that you do.  You will find that ultimately people that do attempt to move a piano themselves, with basic household equipment and a few friends end up injuring themselves, the helpers as well as damaging the piano.

What should I do then?

The first thing to know is that if you want to keep the good condition of your piano, you should call on a professional removals company, like Town and Country Removals, in to move it for you.

Town and Country Removals have mastered the process of moving a piano. We have moved so many of the years and have experienced staff, we use quality industrial equipment (trolleys with strong and sturdy castors, padding and ramps to non-slip gloves and locking straps) plus we have the skills to ensure your piano is moved safely and most of all protected.

We have moved pianos for well over 25 years now and through stairwells, narrow door frames and even up flights of stairs in buildings without lifts so you can rest assured that we know exactly what we are doing.

After the piano has been moved

You may find that after your move, your piano has slipped out of tune. This is quite normal, and a piano tuner will be able to sort this out for you without too much difficulty.